Our advanced probe testing capability enables exceptional fault diagnosis and probe repair.

Multi-Medix is ready to repair your ultrasound probe.

Take a look at the list below that shows all the probe models we repair. It includes all the major  manufacturers, including GE, Philips, Siemens, Cannon/Toshiba, Sonosite, Samsung, Hitachi, & Esaote.

If you do not see your model, please contact us for more information so we can help you get your system working again.

All repaired probes come with 180 day guarantee.

In the event that a repair cannot be economically completed, we can provide you with a fully tested replacement, at a price that meets your budget.

Probe Models Multi-Medix repairs

Our Repair Capability
2D Probe

Case Repair
Case Replacement
Strain Relief
Repair Cable Repair
Cable Replacement
Connector Repair

Probe Repair

Cap Replacement
Electronic Repair
Oil Leak
Oil Refil
Motor Repair
Connector Repair
Cable Repair

Probe Repair

GE 10T-D
GE 6T-RS & 6Tc-RS
Philips X7-2t
Philips X8-2t
Philips S7-3t

Test & Repair Capability

Click on the manufacturer of your probe for a list of all the probes we repair

GEPhilipsCanon / ToshibaSiemensSONOSITeSamsung MedisonHitachi AlokaEsaote

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Probe Testing

Multi-Medix has invested heavily in our probe testing capability. Why?

Probe repair cannot be validated without access to advanced probe testing. Our advanced probe testing capability is the best there is.

Because advanced probe repair is not possible without advanced probe testing, we augment our FirstCall probe test system with the latest tissue-mimicking and vascular phantoms. Our team of Chartered Engineers, medical physicists and clinical scientists generate our electronic test profiles in-house. This means our advanced test and repair capability is expanding all of the time. If we don’t have a FirstCall profile for a particular model of probe, we can normally write one. Our advanced probe testing capability ensures exceptional fault diagnosis and quality assurance.