Multi-Medix Webinars: Ultrasound Probe Testing for Biomeds

This month, sees the start of a FREE webinar series in ultrasound probe testing by Multi-Medix.

This month, sees the start of a FREE webinar series in ultrasound probe testing by Multi-Medix. Each session lasts 30 mins and provides the audience a “bitesize” opportunity to learn some tricks and tips from the “specialists in the ultrasound”.

(available live and “on demand”)

Webinar No1:
“FirstCall : What no one ever told you”
Get the most from FirstCall results, why it is not obsolete, and how to replicate results for $1
Thursday 25th March: 2.30pm EST

Webinar No2:
“Replicating FirstCall results, without the need for a FirstCall”
Instant results, wherever you are with your Multi-Medix Probe Test Tool
Thursday 15th April: 2.30pm EST

Webinar No3:
“Advanced Quick testing of a Phased Array Probe”
Using your Multi-Medix Probe Test Tool to get rapid results
Thursday 22nd April: 2.30pm EST

The webinars will be delivered by Darren Woolley, the company’s Technical Director: “When we run face to face courses, it’s often the little hints and tricks that stay with delegates the most. Between all the staff at Multi-Medix we have decades of experience & scientific research, which we want to share through informal, “bitesize” webinars”.

“We are especially pleased to be able to demonstrate our ultrasound test tool as part of the webinars. The tool enables Biomeds to identify dead elements. The test tool is portable – it’s like a “dog tag” and can be attached to a lanyard or keyring, so Biomeds can have it to hand at all times”.

The probe test tool is being given FREE to all those that register for the webinar series.

If you have any further questions, we’d be happy to answer them. Please contact email us at

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Video of ultrasound probe repair lab